Portyx features

Portyx offers more than 30 advanced features to help you improve cashflow and access more working capital.

Connected Teams

Improve communication within your team so everyone works together more effectively. Portyx generates automatic notifications, so the relevant people know what actions their colleagues are taking. For example, you can alert users that a customer’s credit limit has changed or its information has been updated.

Tasks & Actions

Portyx facilitates an action-based approach to managing accounts. It creates tasks – such as reviewing credit limits, blocking customer accounts or sending dunning emails – and assigns them to specific users. That way everyone works efficiently and audit trails are clear.


Credit Limit Reporting

When you assign credit limits to each of your customers, Portyx will automatically generate tasks and notifications based on the account balance. Portyx also provides visual reports of a customer’s credit limit utilisation and compares their risk to other customers.

Due Date Notifications

Set individual notifications for each customer to flag pre- and post-due date actions. This allows you to resolve any queries before an invoice is due, speeding up payment time.


Customised Dunning Processes

Create customised and dynamic dunning letters you can email to your customers. You can also set your own dunning stages based on invoice due dates or customer credit limit utilisation.

Visual Risk Profiles

Easily segment your customers and filter ageing invoices so you can assess your risk profile at a glance. For example, with one click you can view all invoices overdue by 0 to 30 days or all customers who at 90% utilisation.


Detailed Customer Reporting

Store detailed information for each of your customers, including company details and a contacts directory. You’ll be able to see all of a customer’s invoices and payments as well as historical payment performance. You can then set individual notifications based on accurate information on the company’s risk profile.


Gain deeper insight into your current accounts position. You can view key problems in your collection processes, such as the most popular queries being raised against invoices. You can also view most exposed the customers (highest AR balances), your ledger’s ageing profile and forecasts based on due and promised payments.



Portyx gives your customers online access to their invoices, so they can approve or query them as soon as you invoice. You’ll have a more proactive payment timeline because it’s easy for the customer to highlight issues long before payment is due. This validation process feeds directly into your Portyx account, reducing your team’s workload.

Activity Logging

All activity is recorded against customers and team members. You can easily export this information to a spreadsheet for external reporting and analysis. You’ll therefore find it easier to target training and manage performance.


Cloud-based Document Storage

Portyx gives you centralised document storage accessible anytime, anywhere. You can store documents against individual invoices or customer accounts, complete with notes and associated user information.

User Access & Permissions

You can set individual permission levels and divide workload between team members. For example, assign staff to individual customers, restrict areas of your account and assign people to individual query codes, credit limit adjustments or customer information updates. This means you can allocate work in the most efficient way.


Analysis Module (Coming Soon)

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and company using the Portyx Analysis Module. You create your own data library using any data point from your Portyx account or by importing an unlimited number of data sets via CSV. You can then create customised reports with advanced calculations and scorings to analysis performance and risk.

Collection Support (Coming Soon)

Receive instant collection support directly through Portyx. Our certified partner will collect your unpaid invoices on your behalf, and you can set acceptable discounts and track progress from your Portyx account.


Invoice Financing Module (Coming Soon)

Need more working capital? No problem. Portyx provides invoice financing within 72 hours – and at the click of a button. Simply select how much you’d like to borrow and the module will calculate the best invoices to finance based on system criteria and the lowest possible fees for you.
You manage the whole process from your Portyx account, and you can request finance daily, monthly or whenever a need arises.

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